What is a Nootropic?

If you can take steroids to help improve your physical performance, Nootropics are there to improve how your brain works. Think of them as supplements that help your mind and nervous system get on with the program and help you accomplish more. This review will answer the question “What is a Nootropic?” and a little more to get your started.

For beginners, the term “Nootropic” refers to a classification of supplements, drugs and food items that are all aimed at improving cognitive performance.

This cognitive important can span over several different skills. From memory retention, learning, wit and sometimes creative drive, Nootropics have become known as “smart-drugs” to help your mind perform at its best.


HistoryDespite the new-found success of Nootropics in this day and age, these marvels of neuroscience have already been around ever since the 1970’s. The science of using substances to power the brain has stuck around even longer, dating way back to ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic practices thousands of years old.

It was with the work of one Corneliu Giurgea in 1972 that the term “Nootropics” was first found. Ever since the discoveries of the notes of this Romanian doctor, Nootropics have been slowly developing as the go-to drug for those who need their brain to get them through the day.

Now, students and professionals alike are beginning to see how natural and synthetic Nootropics can help them perform mentally. These drugs are known to help keep your mind sharp and wide awake, combating sleepiness and fatigue.

Do Nootropics Work?

That would be the first thing any sceptic would ask. It’s a perfectly plausible question considering that there are just as many hoaxes as there are legitimate cognitive-boosting drugs available.

If you’re looking for a miracle drug that will turn you into a super-smart person in the likes of the move “Limitless”, then Nootropics isn’t for you. There is no such thing as knowledge and intellect in a pill. What Nootropics do is they help you mind work better with what it has on its plate at the moment. That’s why students tend to flock to it when they need to review or work on their paoers.

Depending on the smart-drug you have at hand, Nootropics will work in different ways, with most commonalities within the nervous system.

What these drugs do is they either promote or inhibit certain hormones and neurotransmitters in your brain to help improve mental performance. They can also stop the production of certain hormones or control the metabolism of certain materials in your body to help prolong your focus and keep you up and running.

Products like Modafinil and Adrafinil  are some examples of Nootropics that are designed to prevent you from getting sleepy and induce mental arousal while you’re working.

On top of helping healthy people get a mental edge, Nootropics have also been used to treat people with various mental disorders that have trouble. Patients of Parkinsons’ and other mental disorders find some relief and regain their mental composure with the help of Nootropics.

Nootropics Side Effects

Nootropics Side EffectsJust like any other drug, using Nootropics in the wrong way can cause some side effects. And they range from the mild to the severe. Users have experienced headaches, nausea and even dizziness when they take Nootropics in high doses.

In more severe cases, you could also be looking at liver damage from synthesizing these drugs. Since you take these drugs orally, your liver has to break down these substances into usable building blocks that will individually affect your nervous system. That’s why it’s always important to consult with a doctor before getting your hands on a jar.

Different smart-drugs have different dosages. Because most of them are quite potent, you’ll do well to start with small doses taken in cycles to help relieve their potency while prolonging their effects. Taking them on a one-week-on, two-weeks-off cycle will make sure that you enjoy the boost without having to worry about headaches.

Where to Buy Nootropics

That’s the best part about them this day and age. With online ordering and shipping, you can get yourself smart-drugs at the click of a button and have it delivered right to your doorstep. You can also get them off the counter without any fuss because most of them don’t need prescriptions.

The only problem with this is that you might find yourself doing business with a sub-par product. That’s why it’s important to check your seller and run a background check to make sure you’re dealing with a legitimate distributor. You don’t want a headache from a defective product s as much as you don’t want a headache from an overdose. Popular products like Modafinil can be found on many sites that come in different packages and dosages. Check with the BBB and other product review sites to ensure that your Modafinil Purchase is legitimate.

So are they Good?

If you’ve got a tight deadline today and you need to focus, they’re great. You’ll find yourself breezing through tasks with laser-like focus and a will of steel. Another thing that’s great about them is that they don’t cause the crash-and-burn aftermath that comes with caffeine and other energy drinks. What you’ll get is a natural cognitive boost that eases out once the drug wears out. There are no sugar rushes or jittery teeth and nervous attacks. It’s all safe and natural if you follow the proper dose.

So what is a Nootropic? It’s a revolutionary approach to improving your performance that goes beyond a full eight hours of sleep and a strong cup of coffee in the morning. They’re the boost that you need when you need it.